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Alexandre Bonnet Champagne

Generelt om Alexandre Bonnet Champagne

The history of the Alexandre Bonnet Champagne House goes back a long way in the stunning village of Les Riceys. With three Appellations d’origine contrôlée (controlled designation of origin), the place is unique in the world of winemaking. Its 2,086 acres of vineyards make it the largest wine producing district in the Champagne region.

Thanks to its geologic and geographic properties, the Riceys vineyards are also amongst the wine-producing areas that offer the best Pinots Noirs in the Côte des Bar.

As early as 1934, Lucien Noble, the grandfather on our mother’s side, started growing his own vine stocks. His passion was passed on to the next generations, until 1970 when René, Serge and Alain Bonnet founded the Alexandre Bonnet brand. 

With over 110 acres of vineyards, modern and entirely integrated production tools, owners true to their heritage, the Alexandre Bonnet Champagne clearly is today a traditional Champagne House in an exceptional land.

Its Champagne wines are authentic and highlight the Pinot Noir variety with vintages like the Noir Extra Brut, the Blanc de Noirs and Perle Rosée, as well as its iconic Rosé des Riceys wine.

Alexandre Bonnet Blanc de Noirs Brut Champagne

This is the house’s flagship and the most important cuvée in the series as Pinot Noir runs in the veins of the house. The champagne is beautifully balanced and offers both an ele...

Alexandre Bonnet Cuvée Grande Réserve Brut Champagne

Cuvée Grande Réserve Brut presents Alexandre Bonnet's know-how and qualities. The wine is a mixture of different vintages from 2009 to 2012, and has been stored somewhere between...

Alexandre Bonnet Perle Rosé Brut Champagne

Between complete elegance and a soft feel, you'll find this Alexandre Bonnet Rosé. Its nose is complex with red berry aromas, especially raspberries and blackberries. The same fl...

Alexandre Bonnet Noir Extra Brut Champagne

With an elegant, fresh, sumptuous and extremely long aftertaste, this champagne reflects Les Ricey's rich and mineral soils. It has a nice, pale golden color, and with a strong,...

Alexandre Noir Extra Brut Rosé Champagne

Noir Extra Brut Rosé with its beautiful pink color has an intense nose. It has a strong character and is sophisticated at the same time. The dry and elegant taste is dominated by...

Alexandre Bonnet Cuvée Expression Rosée Champagne

This classic rosé champagne has been created directly on the skin of the grapes. Only very few houses still use this method as the production process is extremely complex. Powerf...

Alexandre Bonnet Cuvée Harmonie de Blancs Champagne

Delicate bubbles with a light and creamy foam. A white fruit nose is backed by exotic fruits. This subtile blend of white grapes produces a harmonious Champagne. For dinner:This...

Alexandre Bonnet Bio Blanc de Noirs Brut

This is the only champagne from Alexandre Bonnet that does not come from their own fields. The grapes are purchased from a neighboring farm with which they work closely. The wine...

Alexandre Bonnet Cuvée Douceur Demi-Sec Champagne

Our Douceur Vintage is sweet and full, and at the same time melts on the tongue. A really nice and sweet champagne in the demi-sec style. The round and soft taste elegantly showc...

Alexandre Bonnet Cuvée Millésimée Brut 2010 Champagne

This vintage from 2010 is especially good due to the climate of the same year. The year is comparable to 1996 and the harvest was incredibly beautiful with very ripe grapes. This...

Alexandre Trésor Caché Brut Champagne

This bottle celebrates a special event that took place at the House of Alexandre Bonnet back in 2012 during the renovation of a building on the property. During the renovation, a...

Alexandre Bonnet 1995 Oenothéque

This vintage came as a welcome relief after the previous four vintages, which had beendifficult, to say the least. Growing conditions were good throughout the summer, although th...

Alexandre Bonnet 1990 Oenothéque

Winemaker, Alain Pailley has worked in-house for champagne house Alexandre Bonnet for more than 30 years, and has now selected three exceptional vintage vintages that show the qu...

Alexandre Bonnet 1985 Oenothéque

Winter had been very cold, temperature going down to -25°c destroyed about 10% ofthe vineyards. Humid and gloomy spring, early summer, grapes started to ripened mid-august. It ha...