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Don Papa

Generelt om Don Papa

This rum is fermented and distilled on Philippine sugar cane and stored on American oak barrels. Maturation takes place at the foot of Mount Kanlon on the island of Negros in southern Philippines, where it is for a minimum of 7 years before blended and added a little vanilla, according to Filipino tradition.

Don Papa Sherry Casks

Don Papa Sherry Casks has been stored for six months in four different types of sherry casks: Fino, Pedro Ximenez, Cream and Palo Cortado. Before the rum is filled in sherry cask...

Don Papa Rum Rare Cask 50,5%

Don Papa Rare Cask is distilled on Philippine sugar cane and bottled by beautiful 50.5% alcohol. Each barrel is hand-picked by Don Papas Master Distiller and bottled at a relativ...

Don Papa 10 Years Old Rum

The Don Papa 10 Years Old Rum is a special limited edition rum produced on the same sugar cane used for the production of the seven-year-old Don Papa Rum. With this rum you get l...

Don Papa Small Batch Rum

Don Papa is a Filipino rum. The Philippines is among the three countries in the world that produce the most rum, mainly for the domestic market, but with Don Papa, the Philippine...