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Czar's Vodka

Generelt om Czar's Vodka

Ladoga is a big Russian company behind the two sibling vodkas "Czar's Original Vodka" & "Imperial Collection Vodka".

For Russians, vodka is an old, traditional liquor that originated in the Russian spirit and self-understanding. The Russians are passionate about their vodka. Vodka is as important to the Russians as water is to life itself. Russia is known for producing the best and finest vodka in the world - Ladoga produces some of the best vodka that Russia has to offer, and with Imperial Gold Vodka they have Russia's best selling premium vodka.

Czar's Original Russian Vodka

Czars Original Russian Vodka is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, where the vodka is produced by the Russian company Ladoga. The vodka is distilled according...