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Ron Cubanacan

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Ron Cubanacan Blanco
Dominican Republic

This white rum, is stored for 3 years, after which it is filtered through carbon filters to remove the color it receives during maturation. Cubanacan Blanco appears crystal clear...

Cubanacan Añejo Superior 5 años
Dominican Republic

This golden rum stored for 5 years on US 220 liter oak barrels previously used to store Bourbon Whiskey. Like the white Cubanacan, this rum is fermented and distilled on fresh su...

Ron Cubanacan Reserva 12 Años
Dominican Republic

This dark rum is stored for 12 years solera. The Solera method is originally a method used in the storage and mixing of sherry, which ensures a consistent quality of the final bl...

Ron Cubanacan Orangerie 10 Años
Dominican Republic

This reddish golden rum elixir have an alcohol content of 30% vol.  Cubanacan Elixir Orangerie 10 Años is stored on American oak barrels for 10 years solera. After storage, an ex...