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Domaine La Croix Montjoie

Generelt om Domaine La Croix Montjoie

The appellation Bourgogne Vézelay is located in the south of the Yonne department, in the Burgundy region, between Chablis and Beaune. The vineyards are spread over the hillsides of four communes (Tharoiseau, Saint-Père, Vézelay and Asquins) and cover a hundred hectares.  

The Vézelay hill and the Sainte Marie-Madeleine Church, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, tower above the domain. The Church, a major pilgrimage site, is a departure point for the way of Saint James. The area is also highly frequented by tourists, and it hosts cultural events, exhibitions and concerts all year round.

The vineyards are comprised of 10 hectares of Chardonnay, known as the jewel of Burgundy grapes. The south/south-east facing slopes provide ideal conditions for the grapes to reach their full potential. The vines are grown in a stony clay limestone soil that contains Gryphea gigantea fossils. The climate is continental : the winter is harsh, and during the summer the days are warm but the nights remain cool.

We use sustainable methods, requiring minimal application of synthetically manufactured chemicals and we believe this approach allows us to more fully express the terroir. 

Sophie's grand father was a winemaker and she is now agronomist.

Matthieu is oenologist ...

In 2009, they both decided to create the Domaine La Croix Montjoie after working in different regions in France. They are today the happy owners of the estate and put all of their ernergy and skills in every step of the estate life. They are helped everyday in the vineyard by Hervé and Christophe, a qualified and passionate team.

Megane arrived in 2018 to reinforce the cellar team and greet our clients.

The estate was created in 2009. It is named after a cross located at the crossroads between Vézelay and Tharoiseau. This cross signals the spot where pilgrims coming from Avallon first caught sight of Vézelay and felt overjoyed.

The ten hectare vineyard is located in Tharoiseau, and the winery occupies an old farm once part of the commune’s castle. It offers spectacular views of the Vézelay Church and of the Morvan foothills.

Domaine La Croix Montjoie L'Impatiente 2017
Burgundy, France

AOC VEZELAY - white 100% Chardonnay 9 months long ageing in vats Beautifull fruity notes for this Chardonnay, crispy and  greedy attak. White fruits, white flowers too and a nice...

Domaine La Croix Montjoie L'Elégante 2016
Burgundy, France

AOC VEZELAY - white 100% Chardonnay 9 months long ageing in vats and old casks ​Light and subtle hazelnut notes, delicate attack and a nice length on the palate for this Elegante...

Domaine La Croix Montjoie La Voluptueuse 2017
Burgundy, France

AOC VEZELAY - white 100% Chardonnay 12 months long ageing in old and new casks ​Butter and brioche flavours at first nose, a brillant golden yellow, sign of a rich and concentrat...

Domaine La Croix Montjoie Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017
Burgundy, France

BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 100% Pinot Noir 6 months ageing in vats ​A lot of red fruits in this cuvee of Pinot Noir, which is fresh, greedy and very easy to drink. The nose reveals bla...

Domaine La Croix Montjoie Irancy 2017
Burgundy, France

AOC IRANCY 100% Pinot Noir 12 monts long ageing in old casks ​Nice purple color and shades of garnet for this hand picked Pinot Noir from Irancy. The nose offers a beautifull aro...

Domaine La Croix Montjoie Ratafia de Bourgogne
Burgundy, France

RATAFIA DE BOURGOGNE Chardonnay - Marc de Bourgogne 24 months ageing in old casks ​This Ratafia is a blending of Chardonnay grape juice and Marc de Bourgogne storaged in oak cask...