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CRT Spirits, also known as Caribbean Rum Traders is a Danish company owned and operated by the two spirits traders, Peter Dissing Moeller and Rasmus Brøchner Hansen. As spirits merchants, we are dedicated to finding quality spirits, which are not yet on the European or Danish market. We are an Danish based company with offices in Højbjerg, Aarhus.

It is our vision to deliver a all-in-one spirits package to include specialty shops, bars and restaurants, and our unique quality products will be backed by a strong cooperation regarding supply, marketing and product information. We believe that sales of quality spirits will increase in the coming years, both in the HORECA segment as the specialty shops. On this website you will find all the products in our portfolio. We have everything from rum to whiskey, grappa, vodka and gin, and constantly strive to find new and unique products, where price and quality form a synthesis.