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Roullet Cognac

Generelt om Roullet Cognac

The history of Roullet Сognac House dates back to the XVIII century to a place called Le Goulet in the village of Foussignac located to the north of Jarnac in the Cognac region. This is the place where the Roullet family owned vineyards from 1772 and where Paul Frédéric Roullet founded the Cognac House in 1780.

For almost 250 years the family descendants and cellar masters created great drinks under the Roullet trademark passing on their experience, savoir-faire and century-old traditions from generation to generation.

Paul Frederic Roullet managed to enter into a close relationship with the Royal Court. Napoleon Bonaparte was known to become one of the first connoisseurs of the Roullet Cognac House. Thanks to these ties, the Roullet company survived the French Revolution and received the Republic's license to distil and supply cognac in 1791. Roullet became one of the suppliers for the Bonaparte and Napoleon armies.

Nowadays Roullet Cognac House is part of SAS LES VIGNOBLES REUNIS-ROULLET Company. Despite being a modern company that takes into account the market trends and consumer preferences, the House still remains committed to the family age-old traditions. Mathias Paul Roullet, the ninth generation, keeps a watchful eye on the «eaux-de-vie» and perpetuates his family traditions. The company has more than 200 hectares of its own vineyards, the majority of which (about 140 hectares) are located in Fins Bois, the historical homeland of Roullet – Foussignac and Migron. About 30 hectares are situated in the heart of the Grande Champagne vineyards in Saint-Preuil and Segonzac. There are also vineyards located in Maleville, Grande Champagne (18 hectares) and in Sainte-Lheurine, Petite Champagne (16 hectares).

Roullet Cognac Grande Champagne V.S.O.P
Cognac, Grande Champagne

This cognac has a deep golden color with amber shades. A complex bouquet with aromas of citrus, peach, sandal wood and light leather notes. The taste is round and well-balanced w...

Roullet Cognac Fins Bois XO Royal
Cognac, Fins Bois

Elegant and well-balanced cognac with quiet melted tannins, which underline the aromas of vanilla, dried fruits, nuts and almond, dried apricot and orange peel. About 15 years of...

Roullet Cognac Grande Champagne XO Gold
Cognac, Grande Champagne

This cognac has a golden copper color with bright amber shades. Floral aromas of roses, vanilla, dried fruits, almond and orange peel. The total maturation is more than 16 years...

Roullet Cognac Fins Bois Héritage
Cognac, Fins Bois

This cognac has an amber color with copper reflections and a bright gloss. Extremely old, matured for about 23-36 years. A complex bouquet with aromas of noble wood, spices, almo...

Roullet Cognac Grande Champagne Héritage
Cognac, Grande Champagne

This perfectly balanced cognac has an amber color with golden copper shades, wood and floral aromas of jasmine, sandal wood, almond and dark chocolate. The total maturation in Li...

Roullet Cognac Fins Bois Réserve de Famille
Cognac, Fins Bois

This extra old cognac from family reserves matured for about 40 years in Roullet family «paradis» cellars. Wood and spicy aromas of dried fruits, nuts, bitter orange and leather....

Roullet Cognac Collection Impériale

Our Cellar Master selected the eau-de-vie de cognac of the best cru for the real imperial collection creation. He chose the rarity of 1975 from Goulet «paradis» that had reached...