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Two cultures and two different winemaking styles but a common goal have brought together French winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland and Spanish wine visionary Javier Galarreta. They both believe that Spain has excellent terroir and extensive know- how to make great quality wines with real projection in the international markets.

As one of the most influential winemakers in the world, Michel Rolland has worked with winegrowers across 13 countries and has influenced many aspects of both the French and global wine industry. Since establishing ARAEX Grands in 1993, Javier Galarreta has applied his knowledge on management and strategy to place Spanish wines amongst the greatest. The rm, which was expanded in 2001 to add a wider range of Spanish wines to the Rioja portfolio, is one the leading wine exporters in Spain. An innovative project: France meets Spain.

R&G Rolland Galarreta Rueda
Rueda, Spain

THE HARVEST In Rueda the harvest usually starts in mid September with the Sauvignon Blanc variety, and soon after with the Verdejo and Viura, the main varieties in the area. Ro...