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Ron Cubaney

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The Oliver & Oliver story begins with Juanillo Oliver in the mid-nineteenth century. A Catalan in the Spanish military, Juanillo ended his military service in 1868 and established himself in the idyllic Las Placetas in Cuba. Today Oliver & Oliver produce the Cubaney rum brand in the Dominican Republic. This company is known to purchase rum from other countries to mature the distillates themselves. Oliver & Oliver get their distillates from Guatemala, Trinidad, Nicaragua and Colombia.

During the entire aging period in the solera systems, the individual casks are followed and analyzed by the blenders. Oliver & Oliver are known for using different "rum components". They have, for example, a component called "mother rum" and a component called "compuesto". The mother rum is included in virtually all their bottlings and has an average age of 25 years. This adds a lot of depth and sweetness to the different series of rum. The compuesto is a very old rum with lots of oak flavor and bitter tannins, which in themselves are not comfortable to drink, but which adds a lot of complexity to the final blend.

Ron Cubaney Centenario
Dominican Republic

This traditional Cuban rum boasts a rich, mahogany color. It delights the senses with its smooth and complex bouquet, a full and lush body, and delights with a harmony of flavors...

Ron Cubaney Tesoro 25 Solera
Dominican Republic

Complex aromas with elegant notes of infused tannins. Full-bodied, dry, with a subtle smoky flavor. This generous spirit finishes with an astringent touch that lingers on the pal...

Ron Cubaney Exquisito 21 Solera
Dominican Republic

Its taste is defined by the perfect balance of woods, honey and a smoke-dried flavor that seals the deal with an abundant and plethoric ending. Described by connoisseurs as enigm...

Ron Cubaney Selecto 18 Solera
Dominican Republic

The Mississippi and the Caribbean lighting the glass with the splendor of gold. Intense and complex nose with notes of Bourbon and caramelized nuts. In the mouth it displays volu...

Ron Cubaney Estupendo 15 Solera
Dominican Republic

A compendium of splendid toasted aromas complet the visual recreation of liquid amber. In the mouth it evolves with good body and balance. A pleasant impact of ripe fruit is perc...

Ron Cubaney Reserva 12 Anos
Dominican Republic

This rum have been aged up to 12 years in the tropical heat of the Oliver Rum warehouses. A soft and delicate experience featuring caramel, toffee and coconut. A Feast for the Se...

Ron Cubaney Gran Anejo 5 Anos
Dominican Republic

Boldness is the word. On the nose molasses and subtle spicy touches. This rum have been aged up to 5 years in the tropical heat of the Oliver Rum warehouses....

Ron Cubaney Anejo Especial
Dominican Republic

Light up the glass with its subtle gold. Spices discreetly captivate the senses. They seduce the aromas of the cane in harmonic balance with the spices and the wood. The palate i...

Cubaney Plata Natural
Dominican Republic

Crystal clear, perfect transparency. A hurricane that puts the senses on alert. Intense attack, although balanced and comfortable on the palate. Preserves the freshness of cane j...