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Chantal Comte Rhum

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Among the independent rum bottlers you'll find Chantal Comte. Chantal Comte specializes in bottling French rhum agricole only, and the company operates only with rum based on Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The brand is named after the owner - Chantal Comte. Ms. Chantal was born in Morocco in to a family with ancestry to the Caribbean islands. She began her career in the industry as a winemaker in the early 80s in southern France, but found her call in Martinique, where she was inspired by their unique rums.

Her early mentors in rhum agricole are said to be André Depaz and Paul Hayot, and when she started blending rum, it was from a philosophy of displaying rhum from particular vintages that even had to be bottled by the natural alcohol strength. Chantal must be said to be a true innovator and many years ahead of her time, when she 35 years ago started to bottle rhum agricole under the name "Chantal Comte".

Chantal Comte La Tour De l’Or 2005 Brut De Fûts

This is a single cask rum from Martinique bottled by the uncompromising French independent bottler Chantal Comte. The rum in the bottle has been found in the warehouse at Distill...

Chantal Comte La Tour De l’Or 2001 Brut De Fûts

In 2001 this rum by Distillerie La Mauny was set aside, and 14 years later, Chantal Comte opened a small handful of former bourbon casks at the old distillery. What she found was...

Chantal Comte La Tour De l’Or 2006 Brut De Fûts

For 10 years, this rum has matured to perfection - the maturation has taken place at Distillerie La Mauny, where the rum is also distilled. The bottling is a blend of rum distill...

Chantal Comte Cuvée Caribaea Rhum Blanc

For 35 years, Chantal Comte has been the top female for top quality rums, and in the nearly four decades she has only bottled four unaged rums - this is the fourth. The rum has b...