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Alexandre Bonnet Noir Extra Brut Champagne

Country/Region Champagne
Age -

With an elegant, fresh, sumptuous and extremely long aftertaste, this champagne reflects Les Ricey's rich and mineral soils. It has a nice, pale golden color, and with a strong, elegant nose, this Champagne is incredibly balanced. Its aroma is both fruity and spicy.

These flavors come back on the palete with hints of citrus fruits and spices, then nuts.

In addition, and that's why Noir Extra Brut Blanc Vintage is so special, a mineral tone lingers on the palate as a reminder of Ricey's earth.

Vintage: 2008 (24%), 2009 (24%), 2010 (52%)
Grape varieties: 100% Pinot Noir
Dosage: 3 g / L