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Silver Seal Rum Trinidad TLD 2000 Aged 18 Years 50%

Country/Region Trinidad
ABV 50%
Age 18 years

Silver Seal has selected the rum from this cask, as it has developed quite extraordinarily. The rum was distilled back in 2000 and 18 years later, in 2018 the cask was bottled. Bottled by great 50% alcohol.

Rarely has the market seen such an old rum from Trinidad Distillers. The oldest rum in the distillery's own range is only 15 years old, so this must be said to be a very old rum.

This single cask bottling is distilled on Trinidad by Trinidad Distillers Ltd. The distillery produces lots of rums, but is probably best known for their worldwide bitter. All their rums are molasses-based and are produced in a very, very large scale. The rum is produced on a huge column distillation that holds a total of 7 columns. These columns produce both rum for their own rum range, but also a lot of bulk rums, which are sold on to other rum brands.