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Silver Seal Rum Demerara Enmore 1988 Aged 30 Years 47,9% (magnum)

Country/Region Guyana
ABV 47,9%
Age 30 years

A 30-year-old single cask rum from Guyana, Enmore Still - extraordinary! And to make it even more extraordinary, it has been chosen to bottle this rum as a magnum bottle of 1.5 L.

This rum has been distilled in Guyana, still distilling rum on ancient, legendary, 18th and 19th-century stills. The Wooden Continuous Coffey also called Enmore (EHP) Wooden Still is the last working still in the world of its kind. The distillation apparatus is similar, if not identical, to the first continuous still ever built and patented by Aeneas Coffey in 1832. This Wooden Coffey Still is the original and only survivor of the old Enmore Sugar Estate established by Edward Henry Porter more than 200 years ago. Since 1880, Enmore Sugar Estate has produced a medium bodied rum with a mild and fruity aroma.

This bottling is distilled on the former Enmore Distillery, which still has a large cane sugar production in Guyana. The Wooden Continuous Coffey Still is often referred to as Enmore Still, as this is the only remaining from Enmore Sugar Estate. The distillation apparatus produces large volumes of rum, but this room is rarely seen drained by itself. Demerara Distillers usually uses the Enmore distillate as a blend component in their own rum series, but here you have the opportunity to taste the pure Enmore rum. A very exciting, elegant and complex taste experience that has spent 30 years in a cask.

In the scent you will find red berries and licorice. It is a real heavy experience that is characterized by an extremely long cask maturation. The flavor elements are also incredibly deep and very dark. The finish is characterized by lots of sweet English licorice.