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Silver Seal Old Navy Rum 57%

Country/Region Guyana, Jamaica & Barbados
ABV 57%
Age -

Here you get a tremendously exciting blend of rum from Guyana, Barbados and Jamaica - bottled at navy strength 57% alcohol. The blend consists of several casks and is bottled in only 1415 bottles.

It is the man behind Silver Seal Rum, Massimo Righi, and Francesco Mattonetti of "Very Old Rum" who have composed the blend, based on the ancient British tradition of mixing rums from different English colonies.

The rum is completely classic bottled at 57% alcohol, which is also known as "navy strength". This was the alcoholic strength of the rum that was drunk in the royal British fleet for 250 years.

It is a very exciting, elegant and complex taste experience that takes you back to the old English naval ships in the 18th and 19th centuries. Taste the history.