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Puntacana Club Black Rum

Country/Region Dominican Republic
ABV 34 %
Age -

Black rums can generally be described as a very special style. Typically, the rum has matured on extra roasted and thus extra dark oak barrels, which gives the rum a very dark color, which can be described as black. Black rums are often spiced rums, where flavor components have been added, which the rum does not naturally achieve through maturation and mixing.

The Puntacana Club Black Rum is made from a mother rum base (which has an average age of 25 years) mixed with different rums that have been matured between 1 and 10 years. The younger rums, which are part of the mix, are carefully selected rums bought in mainly from Nicaragua and Columbia, which are mixed with older distillates from Panama and Trinidad & Tobago. After the rum is mixed, vanilla, local Dominican herbs, spices and sherry selected from the finest sherry houses in Andalucia is added.

This is a completely unique rum - it's has a spicy scent and flavor of licorice and freshly ground pepper, appears very powerful, but with the sweetness of the vanilla and the fruity Sherry it's very round and mild, almost Vinous.

Puntacana Club Black Rum is a very exciting and versatile rum that should be found in any bar, as only your imagination limits what it can be used for. We recommend drinking it clean, possibly with coffee or a good cigar. Can also be recommended to drink for desserts and strong cheese and is almost brilliant as a mixer in a "Dominican Gimlet" or "Black Rum Margarita".