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Oliver's Exquisito 1985 Solera

Country/Region Dominican Republic
ABV 40 %
Age 25 solera

It is a fine representative of the Spanish / Cuban rum style, a molasses based, column distilled rum from the Dominican Republic, matured and blended by Oliver & Oliver's Cuban "Roneros". The base of this rum is a distillate from 1995, 1990 and 1985, blended with a mother rum, with an average age of between 15-25 years before the blend is transferred to the solera system.

Powerful scent of cask, raisin and spices. Incredibly complex and mature rum with a powerful oak flavor and bold bourbon vanilla. The aftertaste is long with a distinguished balance between dryness and fine notes of smoke and chocolate. It won Double Gold in the Super Premium category (over 21 years of age) at the Rum Congress.