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Silver Seal Cognac Vallein Tercinier 1989 Grande Champagne

Country/Region Cognac, Frankrig
ABV 51,4
Age 28 years

Vallein Tercinier is a family-owned cognac house in Cognac where both cognac and Pineau des Charentes have been produced since 1850, and which is today passed on by the fifth generation of the family.

Silver Seal has intercepted a very exclusive cask from Vallein Tercinier which was distilled in 1989. Massimo has chosen to bottle it by cask strength, which gives a taste experience out of the ordinary. The alcohol percentage says 51.4% and this in itself is a rarity, as one usually sees the cognac diluted down to 40% alcohol. Fortunately, Massimo, with his penchant for Scottish cask strength whisky, chose not to add water to this 27-year-old cognac. It is bottled as Massimo likes it - at cask strength - and thank you so much! … 

Massimo Righi has said that when the recently deceased Silvano Samaroli (legendary Italian liquor merchant in both rum, whisky and cognac) he was so overwhelmed with the taste of this cognac when tasting it blind, that he considered it to be perhaps the best glass spirits he had ever tasted.