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Bapt & Clem’s Cognac Ans 7 d’age

Country/Region France
ABV 45,6%
Age 7 years

At the Chateau de Montifaud vineyard, the Vallet family has been since 1866. Today, cognac production is led by Michel and Laurent, who are 5th and 6th generation on the business. The family has a total of 125 acres of vineyards in both Petite and Grande Champagne.

This cognac - specially selected by Marc Darroze - consists of 100% Ugni Blanc and is stored for seven years on French oak barrels. The aroma is extremely complex and offers apricot, dried orange peel, sweet spices, cedar and vanilla. The balance is perfect - bottled at 45.6% alcohol.

Bapt & Clem's is an independent bottler from southwest France, specifically the Armagnac region. The man behind the company is Marc Darroze, who for 20 years has worked with the armagnac brand Darroze. Through his work with armagnac, Marc has found joy in the spirits of the world, including both rum, cognac and calvados. This joy has led Marc to develop Bapt & Clem's - a new and independent liquor bottler named after his two sons, Baptiste and Clément.