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Unhiq XO Malt Rum

Country/Region Dominican Republic
ABV 42 %
Age 25-30 solera

Malt rum is a term used in Cuba, in the mid-19th century, for the best and most aromatic rums. Rum that was distilled up to an alcohol content of between 72-74% and bottled at a 42%. The producer wanted to create a rum that, in terms of production and taste, lies up against these so-called malt rums, which were powerful rums with intense sweetness and robust strength.
Unhiq rum is produced on a distillate of 72% and mixed with a "lighter" distillate of about 90% alcohol before being matured in whiskey casks for 31 years solera.

Aromatic; nutmeg, dried fruit such as prunes and figs, with notes of vanilla and almond, coconut and sugar cane. It is a taste explosion in which the cask flavor goes into a sublime interplay of flavors of vanilla, roasted coffee beans and Bourbon, as well as a more subtle hint of cinnamon. Each bottle includes a small book that contains a authenticity certificate signed by the manufacturer. The little book written in Spanish also contains the story of this very special rum's story and a chart of the amount of esters, aldehydes and high alcohols. Interesting information for all rum enthusiasts. There is a limited production of 6500 liters for the world market and each bottle is numbered.